Personal Stories from the See Me Campaign

There are many articles and studies on mental health but sometimes by just reading someone else’s personal story who has struggled with their mental health it can make it that much easier for us to accept our own struggles for what they are.  I will post a number of similar stories from the See Me End Mental Health Discrimination campaign in later blogs…


Tracey’s Story

“I’ve lived with clinical depression for about 15 years and the reason I know that depression is so misunderstood is that the most common reaction I get from people is “You’re a beautiful girl with a great job, a lovely home and a fantastic family – what do you have to be depressed about?”

People still seem to think that depression is a choice and not an illness just like any physical one. A wealthy Stockbroker friend of mine was exhibiting all the classic signs of depression and went to his doctor for a full health check.

When his doctor told him that he believed he was suffering from depression, my friend insisted on a brain scan for a brain tumour as “People like me don’t get depression!”

There still exists so much prejudice and stigma around depression despite it being so common. So it’s important that we keep talking about it and showing that ALL kinds of people can get depression – again just like any physical illness.”

If you would like to read the rest of Tracey’s story and others who have spoken out, some stories will be posted here or you can go to the See Me End Mental Health Discrimination website…/personal-stories/